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Our next available slots are:


(Updated 29/08)

September 10th- 10.00,12.00,13.00,14.00,15.00,16.00,17.00

September 11th – 10.00,12.00,13.00,14.00,15.00,16.00,17.00

October 15TH – 10.00,11.00,12.00,13.00,15.00,16.00,17.00

October 16TH – 10.00,11.00,12.00,13.00,15.00,16.00,17.00

November 12TH – 10.00,11.00,12.00,13.00,15.00,16.00,17.00

November 13th – – 10.00,11.00,12.00,13.00,15.00,16.00,17.00

December 3rd – 10.00,11.00,12.00,13.00,15.00,16.00,17.00

December 4th  – 10.00,11.00,12.00,13.00,15.00,16.00,17.00


Email me directly to enquire about Cork appointments.


Trunk Show:

October 29th – 10.00,11.00,12.00,13.00,15.00,16.00,17.00

October 30th – 10.00,11.00,12.00,13.00,15.00,16.00,17.00

If you need an appointment sooner, call us directly and we’ll try and accommodate.

All of our consultations in Cork or Dublin are by appointment only, there is no walk in service.

Our suits take a minimum of 8 weeks to make, 6 Weeks Expediated, (2.5 Week Express) so please bear that in mind.

Please do reach out and contact us, even if it’s just for a chat so you can get a better idea of what we do or feel free to run your ideas for the perfect tailored suit by us, we are happy to point you in the right direction.

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